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RSK Spander by Saifai

Jones Soda Company

Jones Soda Company

Author: RSK

Disclaimer: A full disclaimer can be found here, but please be assured that none of this is mine.

Rating: R

Warnings and Other Notes: Reference to past Angelus/William. Inspired by a request from quoshara. Betaed by darkhavens.

Summary: At 468 words, this is the drabble that wanted to be a ficlet. Dust, cream soda and office supplies. Be careful how you’re photographed.

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RSK Spander by Saifai

Training Session

Training Session

Disclaimer: A full disclaimer can be found here, but please be assured that none of this is mine.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Giles/Wesley

Author’s Notes: Written for the maleslashminis Giles challenge. fan_spagel's challenge can be found at the end of the fic. Many, many smootches to darkhavens who gave this one a quick once over for me.

Summary: Something always seems to go wrong with Wesley’s training sessions.

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RSK Spander by Saifai

Demons and Men

Demons and Men

Disclaimer: A full disclaimer can be found here, but please be assured that none of this is mine.

Rating: R

Pairing: Angel/Spike

Author’s Notes: Written for the maleslashmini challenge. The challenge can be found at the end of the fic. A lifetime of thanks to kitty_poker1 whose beta skills are legendary and who contributed so much to this fic.

Summary: AtS Season 5, Spike has always belonged to Angel. Souls, hatred and a hundred years of estrangement can’t change the truth.

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RSK Spander by Saifai

Spike/Xander Fiction

Spike/Xander is my primary pairing, both for reading and writing. I have enjoyed spending time with these boys and seeing what they are all about. Here is a listing of the summaries for my Spike/Xander fiction.

A Bit of Nonsense - R; kyrieane has opened a new Live Journal called the_game_place. A while back, she posted a vocabulary game and gave extra points for using them in a fic. I used all ten of them! If you’re interested, the words are at the end of the fic. So here are Spike and Xander and a few words that I have never used before.

A Christmas Tale - R; S/X holiday schmoop. A 2004 Christmas Present for kyrieane, who has become such an amazing friend to me.

Anniversary Promise - NC-17; Spike and Xander celebrate five years together. A present for strchsr.

Any Time, Any Place - R; Xander loses a bet and is humiliated. Spike is there to keep him safe.

At Peace - NC-17; Angel has an opportunity to regret what he has lost.

Away - R; AU fic written for entrenous88’s AtS/BtVS AU Teen Boys Kissing Meme. Xander takes a dare.

Bites - NC-17; A series of drabbles exploring my favorite kink. Written for summer_of_spike 2004.

Broken - PG; Angel/Spike/Xander hurt comfort.

Carnival - NC-17; Spike and Xander go to the carnival. Pure Crack.

Cold - R; Spike is cold.

Come As You Are - NC-17; A porny little Halloween giggle.

Consort - NC-17; Spike takes his love to Angel to receiving his blessing.

Dark Night - NC-17; My lovely strickens_girl is having a birthday. She requested first time Spander with lots of wet kisses. This story… it’s got that in spades. What it doesn’t have is a plot.

Don't Stop - NC-17; Written for the NicelyNaughty!Xander Mini-Slashficathon. This ficathon was organized by Willa for a little holiday fun. Ficlets from 100 to 1000 words and naughty Xander. Who could ask for anything more? I wrote for Reremouse, who requested sex/smut in a public place, Scoobies present and a happy ending.

Drabbling Christmas - R; An unrelated collection of drables written as Christmas Cards in 2004.

Drinking Games - NC-17; Co-authored by kyrieane. An offering to bloodclaim to celebrate the 69th member. Season 4, Basement of Doom fic about male bonding ceremonies. This gets pretty twisted, folks, so hold on to your hats!

Dyed - NC-17; My response to a bloodclaim challenge. Written for the color, sound, random object ficathon. I got to write for _beetle_. Spike and Xander learn about each other’s talents. You can see my challenge at the end of the story.

D'yer Mak'er - NC-17; Late Season 3, Xander is drawn into a world of voyeuristic BSDM, watching as his pseudo father figure, Giles, and Giles’ new darling, Wesley, demonstrate the darker side of sexual nature. Desperate to be dominated and belong to someone, Xander eagerly accepts Spike’s proposition, entering into a contract with the soulless demon and losing not only his virginity, but his freedom as well. S/X, G/W

Fade Away - PG; Set shortly after the fateful kiss with Willow, Xander flees Sunnydale, finding only loneliness.

Fancy a Ride - NC-17; An all human AU with motorcycles, evil exes and true love.

Feeding the Soul - NC-17; The hyena wants... The hunt, a worthy mate, everything she can get. In doing so she saves a life, and offers her own.

Fine Tuned - G to NC-17; This began as a simple story about Xander and his guitar. It became a love story that has grown outside of anything we could possibly imagine. After giving birth to their child, Anya gives up on Xander and their life together. Spike steps in to help and what happens after that is nothing short of a miracle.

First Date - PG; A first date.

Grease - R; My response to a bloodclaim challenge. I have no idea when this is set. It’s a little snapshot of life in Sunnydale. Dawn is having a party. Spike’s chip no longer works. Buffy stayed dead.

Haphazard Love - NC-17; A challenge fic. A walk on the wild side - Outdoor sex, or sex in any public place for that matter. Time to bring on a bit of the wild side. An element of danger to add to the excitement. But...will they get caught in the act? Include this line: "Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."

Jones Soda Company - R; Dust, cream soda and office supplies. Be careful how you’re photographed.

Just You - NC-17; Written for onehundreone nights. Spike and Xander at the Bronze.

Kiss it Better - NC-17; Daddy!kink for tabaqui. Just a little bit of yummyummy, ya know?

Loving - PG; It's easy to love Spike.

Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements - NC-17; Incomplete. Xander comes back to Sunnydale for a wedding. Liberties were taken based on my curiosity as to how differently Dawn would have turned out if Spike had raised her rather than Buffy. So in this little 'verse, Buffy stayed dead.

Memories - PG; A view of Spike’s life from human to demon to human again, on the day of his wedding. Written for summer_of_spike 2004.

Moving - R; Xander’s moving. Kinda angsty, or as kyrieane called it… poignant.

New Orleans Drabbles - NC-17; A collection of drabbles written based on my memories of New Orleans and what I think would happen if the boys took a little trip.

Nomads - NC-17; Incomplete. After the death of the Slayer, the Scoobies disband. Oz and Xander set out on a Nomadic life that is soon encroached by a certain blond vamp. Written at the request of the very talented tabaqui on the anniversary of her birth.

Once Upon a Time - R; A story for darkhavens, who wanted something dark and romantic where the boys are together and happy. This did not turn out the way I planned…

Peephole - NC-17; A little PWP written for the Spander Pornathon.

Play - NC-17; A collection of drabbles. Xander’s idea of play has changed over the years. Dark.

Scream - NC-17; Xander frees himself from Dracula’s thrall and finds a more interesting piece of action.

Sixty-Nine - R; My response to a bloodclaim challenge.

Snapshots - NC-17; A collection of snapshots as Spike creates in Xander a true work of art.

Solstice - NC-17; My response to a bloodclaim challenge.

Spuzz's Kinks - NC-17; A series of drabbles and ficlets inspired by the list of kinks that spuzz posted in her LJ. You can find a copy of that list here. Each drabble is a fiction in and of itself, not simply a smaller part of a larger story line. Written for summer_of_spike 2004.

Stingy Jack - R; Two men and a sexual spell. Right…

That's All - NC-17; PWP. The guys are out shopping.

The Eternal Question - NC-17; Willow asks Xander a question… What is it about Spike?

The Gift - NC-17; Spike accepts Angel’s gift in ‘School Hard’ and life changes for Xander. A Dark and erotic journey that brings a new twist to vampiric lore. Xander's sexual awakening is brought about by Spike and they take a journey that will leave the Slayer’s crew shattered and disbanded. Years pass and the pair are drawn back to Sunnydale and the Scoobies.

The Intense Appeal of Wood - NC-17; Xander builds something to enrich the life of he and his lover. Written for summer_of_spike 2004.

The Long Journey Home - R; Post NFA. Xander finds his way home.

The Love Shack - NC-17; Written for a ficathon, I'm sure, as I don't usually write songfics. An abstract view of Xander's rule: Touch nothing!

The Second Time - NC-17; Sometimes the second time can mean so much more than the first. Written for the lovely and talented Willshenilshe in celebration of her birthday.

The Silence - PG; A prompt from my kyrieane. Spike and Xander, snow, chocolate and antique ornaments.

The Triangle - NC-17; Incomplete. What would happen if Xander realized there was more to life than Anya? Throw in a trip to the Bermuda Triangle, the dawning of Xander's sexual liberation and the recognition that there is more to vampires than fangs and dust and you have quite an adventure. Under the simmering moonlight of Texas and Bermuda, Xander and Spike face more than a Hellmouth, they face each other.

The Truth of a Vision - NC-17; Season One. Spike has been sent to Sunnydale for a reason.

Wedding Sonnet - R; Written for the Slash Wedding Ficathon for mirasol, who requested either Spike/Xander (preferred) or Spike/Angel, Spike writing a poem as his vows, Willow, Clem, no upset Buffy, and no jealous exes. This turned a bit silly, and I apologize. Featuring a special appearance by eatenbyweasels!

Weird Dreams - R; Dreams are really weird, you know? This was prompted by one I had a few nights back…

Whiskey River - PG; Xander and Spike discuss music of pain.

Words - R; What’s your favorite word?

Yindagger's Birthday Treat - R; A party, written for the wonderfully talented Yindagger (yin_again), in honor of her birthday.

Yours - NC-17; A short PWP set in Xander’s basement.
RSK Spander by Saifai

Crossover Fiction

After a night giggling about Spike/Tree OTP and wondering about Worf, the following fic came into being. I hope you find this as enjoyable as I did.

Bumpy-Headed Love - R; So last night (ok, at this point it was a few months ago), those of us who haven’t been able to participate in the AIM chats for fanfic_convos were chatting in YIM. It was great fun! Somehow, we got into a conversation about crossovers and how we’d like to see more with Spike in them. Then our thoughts wandered off in another direction and we ended up talking about Star Trek, again, no idea how that happened. Anythewho, I got the idea that someone should write a Spike/Worf Drabble and guess who got nominated? Yes, me. So here it is, a BtVS/ST:TNG crossover starring Spike and Worf.