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Randy Sex Kitten's Fiction

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This is simply a place for me to stash my fiction. Please review the Disclaimer and Terms of Use before entering this journal.

I've put this journal together in a rather hodgepodge way, but have tried to link everything together to simplify your search. You can locate my stories through the following links. Searching by pairing will give you a summary for each piece.

BtVS FanFiction

Listing of all RSK BtVS Fanfiction

Chapter Listings for Multi-Chaptered Fiction

Crossover Fiction

Original Fiction

Listing of all Original Fiction


Spike/Xander Fiction

Oz/Xander Fiction

Spike/Wesley Fiction

Spike/Angel(us) Fiction

Giles/Wesley Fiction

Giles/Xander Fiction

Giles/Ethan Fiction

Xander/Wesley Fiction

William/?? Fiction

Original Character Fiction

Threesome Fiction

No Pairing Fiction


NC-17 Fiction

R Fiction

PG Fiction

G Fiction

1/20/07 - All incomplete WIPs will most likely remain that way. At this point in time, I have not written any significant works for over a year. I do hope you enjoy what's here!